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We bring companies to Germany & Europe

Transparent workflows and a strong network to authorities, banks, tax consultants and lawyers. Our customers can rely on this.

For over 5 years, our business has been getting startup companies going. From the development of business models to the construction of „operational units“.
Since 2017, foreign companies have also been benefiting from our know-how and our network.
By the way, we can also support you with purchasing a German company!

Services for entrepreneurs, who plan to expand into Europe and need a competent partner nearby.


Company Registration

LeanVenture takes over the complete registration of your company in Germany, including administrative work and appointments at the notary


Financial Setup

Every company in Germany needs liquidity. Our banking network provides fast access to competent partners



Adapting Business

If business models cannot be adapted to local conditions one-on-one, our consultants take over the necessary adjustments


Build Working Units

Every company in Germany needs liquidity. Our banking network provides fast access to competent partners


Everything starts with a first step: registering your new company in Germany. LeanVenture takes over all of the following services that are necessary:

  • Visas and residence permits
  • Notary contracts
  • Chamber entries
  • Tax office registrations


… this is only a small part of our services in this area.


Financial Setup

Access to German banks is a challenge, especially for companies from abroad. The deposit of collateral, unimpeded flow of payments, loans … is of paramount importance for every company.

If your local bank does not have branches or cooperations in Germany, LeanVenture assumes the opening of bank accounts, the transfer of letters of credit and the negotiation of credit lines.

We create convincing business plans for your project, if they are necessary for negotiations. We also negotiate supplier loans with German and European companies as part of our consulting services.



Not every business that is successful elsewhere can be operated in Germany. Regional specificities have to be considered, specific provisions adhered to, or just customer groups addressed differently.

For such projects, LeanVenture takes over the adaptation of business models. For this, tools are used that are also implemented for our start-up projects. This gives you clear statements about probabilities, opportunities/risks and alternative approaches.

Build Operational Units

Building an operational company in Germany and the EU from your foreign company headquarters requires a lot of energy and a high degree of knowledge on your part. Unless you can rely on a partner.

In addition to administrative tasks that involve expanding to Germany, the goal is always the development of operational units, whether to explore the opportunities for larger projects, the establishment of a commercial branch or the complete transfer of production units.

In this area, we offer you services concerning staff, as well as real estate services. In this way, your company will receive all the prerequisites to establish a successful business in Germany and the EU.